• Entrepreneurship
    Important Traits, Behaviors and Styles of a Leader

    Leadership is become very much on every manager’s mind today in organizations. Organisations are struggling due to the increasingly dynamic environment. As the challenges of leading and managing increase, leaders of organizations need to understand process, skills and knowledge to perform leader functions effectively. Lim and Daft (2004) has highlighted that “leadership is an influence […]

  • Economics and Finance
    Sovereign Debt Crisis: The Case of Greece

    Abstract This paper evaluates the recent sovereign debt crisis faces by Greece. It highlights the causes of the crisis; implications of the crisis towards domestic as well as the international community, particularly the contagion effect to the European communities; and the policy responses that are still being debated and looked into by not only the […]

  • Accounting
    A Comparison of ARR, IRR and NPV Techniques

    In your own words briefly describe these techniques (payback period, ARR, IRR and NPV), using a simple example to assist your explanation. Detail the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and explain why the techniques which take into account the “time value of money” are considered superior to methods such as the accounting rate of […]

  • Accounting
    Debt versus Equity Financing: Impacts to Shareholder Wealth

    Critically evaluate the potential impact on shareholder wealth on the decision to introduce debt into the capital structure of a company and consider whether the alternative decision to finance investment using equity finance would be more beneficial to the shareholder.   This question deals with the complex relationship of debt versus equity in a firm’s […]

  • Accounting
    An Essay on Dividend Policy

    Identify two distinct approaches that can be used to determine what fraction of earnings should be distributed to shareholders as dividends. When a company is determining its dividend policy, what objective should it seek to achieve?   The dividends that are distributed from the current year earnings have a direct impact on the capital structure, […]

  • Accounting
    A Ratio Analysis on McPherson and Housewares

      Abstract In this writing, a comprehensive financial ratio analysis of two of the companies, namely McPherson and Housewares are performed. Ratio analysis for two of these companies is performed in the following areas: degree of leverage, asset utilization ratio, liquidity ratio, profitability ratio and market price ratio. The values for these ratios are calculated […]

  • Accounting
    ARR, Payback and NPV Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Introduction In running a business, investor and management alike are facing many capital investment alternatives or options. In this context, the term capital investment is used to refer to the investment outlay in the present time to yield a stream of investment returns in the future. There may be both short term and long term […]

  • Economics and Finance
    Macroeconomic and Exchange Rate: A Case Study on Malaysia

    1.0 Introduction In the last few decades exchange rate economics has seen a number of developments, with substantial contributions to both the theory and empirical research on exchange rate determination. Important developments in econometric and the increasingly large availability of high-quality data have also been responsible for stimulating the large amount of empirical work on […]

  • Economics and Finance
    An Essay on Exchange Rate and its Impacts to Economy: A Case Study on Singapore

    1.0    Introduction Generally, foreign exchange market refer to market for converting the currency of one country into that of another. Thos market is important as it enables companies based in different countries that use different currencies to trade with each other. However, the definition of exchange rate is: the rate at which one currency is […]

  • Economics and Finance
    An Essay on Economics of Money

    Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy Transmission mechanism of monetary policy is usually referred to the phenomenon where central bank is changing or implementing a desired monetary policy, where the impact of a shift in monetary policy is generally transmitted through interest rates, exchange rates and asset prices (or the inflation rate). In implementing a monetary […]

  • Contemporary and General Managerial Issues
    A Reflective Essay on Cross Cultural Theories and its Applications in Managing Cross Cultural Group

    QUESTION 1 The Application of Cross-Cultural Theory and Concepts to the Peer Action Learning Sets First of all, it is very important to keep the people under discussion anonymous. The difference of perceptions and cultural differences can be a very serious issues – which may create conflicts and argument – which I would like to […]

  • Design Management
    What makes for a successful design consultancy firm?

     Chapter 1: Introduction To create a successful design consultancy firm is never an easy task – particularly in the turbulent business environment as we are facing now. However, a successful design consultancy firm can be profitable and sustainable, as the lifestyles of the modern people are increasingly focusing on arts and beauty. It is observed […]

  • Economics and Finance
    A Brief Essay on Basel II

    “The Basel II regime of minimum capital charges is a form of financial risk management like any other.”  Discuss.   Since the recent financial crises due to the subprime mortgages issues in US and Europe, the regulations of banking or shadow banking system around the world is increasingly being discussed by both practitioners and academicians. One of […]

  • Economics and Finance
    Key Differences of DDM to other Valuation Methods

    The Dividend Discount Model emphasises forecasting dividends to infinity but many brokers and investment websites focus on short-term earnings revisions up and down. Explain the differences in approach, with a current example, and give reasons for the difference   DDM focus on the long term, where it assumes that dividend rates will growth at a […]

  • Economics and Finance
    Are Emerging Markets Riskier?

    “Emerging markets are a lot riskier than they appear to be on the basis of historic co-variances. “ Critically analyse this viewpoint regarding measures of risk from the perspective of a global investor, providing illustrative figures where appropriate.   It is reasonable for us to observe that the risk in emerging market is higher than […]

  • Economics and Finance
    Never catch a falling knife!

    “Never catch a falling knife!” is an old stock market adage. With reference to relative strength, moving averages and filters; critically assess this argument that it is unwise to buy shares dropping in price. The adage not to catch a falling knife is among the most controversial financial concepts hotly debated by investors and traders […]

  • Economics and Finance
    Economics Characteristics of Value Innovation Strategies Under the Concept of ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’

    Blue Ocean Strategy The strategic logic employed by creators of blue oceans is called value innovation. Instead of focusing on beating the competition, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne (2005) suggested that we should focus on creating a “huge leap” in value (by using the six principles of Blue Ocean Strategy) for both buyers and […]