• Case Study
    The Recruitment and Selection Process in ASDA

    Introduction This is an essay analysing about the strengths and weaknesses of the recruitment and selection processes of ASDA. With insights gained from academic literature, the strengths and weaknesses of the recruitment and selection processes of ASDA can be critically evaluated. Recruitment Process in ASDA Literally, recruitment is about to attract and identify the potential […]

  • Case Study
    A Strategic Management Analysis on Apple Computer

    1.0   Introduction This is a report analysing the strategic management process and details in Apple Computer. Apple Computer is selected because it is one of the respectable firms, that turnaround from a near bankruptcy position, due to the successful transformation of the company by Steve Jobs (Cusumano, 2010; Elkind, 2008; Kirkpatrick, 2008; Finkle & Mallin, 2010). In […]

  • Human Resources Management
    Organisational Culture and Employee Performance

    Research Background Many business managers that love reading would definitely know about some of the famous and bestselling business books such as In Search of Excellence by Peters & Waterman (1988) or Built to Last: Successful Habits Of Visionary Companies authored by Collins & Porras (1994). Reading these best-selling business management books would likely convince […]

  • Consumer Behaviours
    Consumers Attitudes on Mobile Banking in China

    The Rise of Mobile Banking In the recent years, mobile technologies are becoming more common among the public around various countries in the world (Yousif, 2012; Lawuo, Mbasa & Mnyawi, 2013; Smutkupt, Krairit & Khang, 2012). Indeed, with the invention of high speed wireless internet connection technology (such as WiFi, 3G, WiMAX and so on), […]

  • Consumer Behaviours
    Effects of Consumers’ Perceptions on Marketing Events and Their Purchase Intention

    A Review on Literature on Marketing Events The Concept of Event Marketing To carry out marketing events or projects to achieve certain marketing objectives is widely referenced to as the concept of “event marketing”. Some of the forms of event marketing may include the following: road show, fair, concert, trade show, charity, fun events, competition, […]

  • Human Resources Management
    Challenges of Adoption and Implementation of Western Human Resources Management Practices in China

    Introduction The uses of western human resources management practices are becoming more common and widespread in China. Several trends are driving such changes. First, it is the increasing more and more entry of western enterprises into China, in the form of foreign direct investment (Yang, Zhang & Zhang, 2004; Cai, Morris & Chen, 2011). Secondly, […]

  • Accounting
    Cloud Computing Technologies for Accounting Purposes

    Background of the Study New Technologies Adoption: Impacts to Accounting Function within Organisation The availability of new technological invention or innovation often enabled business organisations to better organise its respective business model and structure, to carry out business activities differently and even to provide different services or products for the customers (Robertson, 2013; Yan, 2010). […]

  • Consumer Behaviours
    Co-Branding and Purchase Intention

    Introduction Since the emergence and popularity of the concept of corporate branding in the late 1990s (Burt & Sparks, 2002), scholarly discussions on branding has been increasing within the literature. For many researchers, scholars and practitioners, branding is an important part of marketing management (Xie & Boggs, 2006; Fan, 2005), and even treated as an […]

  • Economics and Finance
    A Country and Market Analysis on India

    Introduction This report will perform a country and market analysis on India, one of the many emerging countries of most promising economic outlook in the future. To facilitate the discussions, the report is separated into a total of five sections. These include: (a) the local business environment, (b) globalization and international trade, (c) legal environment, […]

  • Human Resources Management
    Are leaders born or made?

    Introduction There are many leadership theories within the literature, and that these theories can sometimes seemed contradicting with each other. To explain, as discussed in Mullins (2005), the different theories of leadership can be categorised into these groups: traits approach to leadership, leadership behaviours, leadership styles, contingency theory of leadership, group approach to leadership, transformational […]

  • Consumer Behaviours
    A Literature Review on Consumers’ Tastes, Perceptions and Purchase Behaviours: Within the Restaurant Industry in China

    Tastes and Preferences of Consumers Introduction Tastes of consumers are complicated issues that signify the consumers favour on certain things, whereby as long as the things fall within the boundary of preferences of a consumer, that boundary itself explain about the taste of a consumer (Arsel & Bean, 2013). For example, should a person love […]

  • Business Ethics
    Corporate Social Responsibility - street sign illustration in front of blue sky with clouds.
    A Literature Review on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Consumers’ CSR Behaviours

    Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Today, many people would not unfamiliar with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as discussions on it are many. While many people know about the term of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it is also important to acknowledge that it is also sometimes referred as “corporate conscience”, “corporate responsibility”, “corporate philanthropy”, “corporate citizenship”, […]

  • Entrepreneurship
    Literature Review: Leadership Effectiveness and Project Outcomes

    Importance of Leadership Leadership is an important subject that has been intensively researched by the various scholars, as it is very important not only in the context of project management, but also in the context of business management, organisational change, managing people and even for managing non-profit organisations (Robbins, 2005; Nielsen, Yarker, Brenner, Randall & […]

  • Entrepreneurship
    Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI)

    Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI) instrument is one of the frequently used tool to assess, gauge and research into leadership effectiveness of a particular manager within the context of business management. Such a tool had been found to be reliable, practical, possess of sound psychometric properties and as a good predictor of leadership effectiveness (Kouzes & […]

  • Economics and Finance
    An Essay on Inflation

    Introduction to Inflation Economically speaking, inflation can be defined as an increase in the general prices level (Moss, 2007). It is often referred to as the situation where too much money is chasing too few goods. A textbook definition of inflation is much complicated, whereby inflation is often defined as the continuing rise in the […]

  • Business Ethics
    Ethical Reasoning and Stakeholder Management

    In recent years, various corporate scandals have sparked the debates where businesses should adopt a socially responsible approach to decision making. It is argued that corporations have societal obligations to not only maximizing corporate profits for the shareholders, but instead should also consider the interests of the stakeholders as well. This is because corporations are […]