• Case Study
    Organizational Change in Ermenegildo Zegna

    Introduction This paper present a successful change management programs recently completed in Ermenegildo Zegna (“Zegna”). A study of the successful organization transformation program enables us to understand the steps and approaches used in real life in changing an organizational culture. In the following sections, the paper is arranged as follow. Firstly, the situational context of […]

  • Case Study
    Strategic Analysis on SAB Miller

    A Review of Strategic Environment External Environment External environment for SAB can be investigated through the PESTLE framework. SAB operated around the world. It is particularly concentrated in emerging countries. Thus, political changes and factors in these countries will affect its position and profitability. The major economic factors are that the growth and business opportunities […]

  • Case Study
    Photo illustration of beer flowing from a bottle of Stella Artois into a glass, seen against a SAB Miller logo, November 5, 2015.   REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo
    Strategic Analysis on SAB Miller

    A Review of Strategic Environment Facing SAB Miller The strategic environment of SAB can be discussed from three perspectives, namely external environment, the company’s capabilities and competencies and stakeholder expectations. External Environment The external environment can be analyzed through the PEST framework. From political perspectives, as the company is operating in many countries around the […]

  • Case Study
    Strategic Analysis of Apple

    Introduction Apple is one of the fast rising companies around the globe in the consumer electronics industry. The company operated in three market segment, namely the personal computer segment, the personal media player segment and the smart phones segment. The company is famous for its ability to deliver creative, innovative and cutting edge consumer electronics […]

  • Case Study
    Marketing Mix of Tesco

    Introduction Tesco has been a high growth and well performing retailers around the globe. The successes of Tesco in UK and abroad have been drawing many academic and researchers attentions. The key success factors of Tesco are widely debated. One obvious and often quoted critical success factors of Tesco is the continuously expanding of range […]

  • Case Study
    Growth Strategies and PESTLE Analysis for Tesco

    Introduction Tesco is a highly successful company from UK, with branches and businesses in many other countries around the world. The company is also a respectable company by investors and analysts, as company is able to deliver consistent growth in dividend payment to shareholders for the 26th consecutive years in 2010, an unrivaled and remarkable […]

  • Case Study
    Strategic Management in Nike

    Executive Summary This paper presented several strategic issues related to Nike. A SWOT analysis is performed for Nike, to understand both the key internal as well as external strategic issues facing Nike in the current business environment. Then, the strategic directions that Nike have utilized or pursued in the past are also being analyzed. Ansoff’s […]

  • Case Study
    CRM Applications in Psyche

    Introduction In the last decade, it can be seen that many new contemporary e-business applications are changing the business landscape – by changing the rules and practices on how businesses compete in the global arena (Newell et. al., 2002). Such a trend is not something can be neglected by businesses, particularly those entrepreneurial, start-up or […]

  • Case Study
    A Marketing Plan for Psyche

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This paper presents a marketing plan for Psyche. The marketing plan is formulated by firstly stating the vision of the company. Referring to the vision, the long term missions as well as the short term goals for achievement of that vision are identified. Later, comprehensive internal analysis of Psyche and external analysis on […]

  • Case Study
    Business Strategy and Financial Analyisis: Southwest Airline

    Executive Summary In this paper, strategic analysis and an evaluation of Southwest Airline’s recent financial performance will be presented. Firstly, the paper undertakes a macroenvironment analysis for the company. PESTEL framework is employed. Then the paper continues to analyze the competitive forces in the airline industry. For this, Porter’s 5 Forces framework is used. Next, […]

  • Case Study
    The Merger between Alcatel and Lucent

    Introduction Merger is not an easy task; particularly the companies under the merger exercise have different culture, business model and practices. The merger between Alcatel and Lucent is such a case. In this essay, the various issues related to the merger between the two companies will be discussed. Firstly, the factors that pushed the merger […]

  • Accounting
    Financial Analysis for Tesco

    Introduction to Tesco Tesco is a famous retailing company with headquarter located in the United Kingdom. The company has various operations around the world, namely, in the United Kingdom, United States Central Europe, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and recently, venturing into India. Tesco is a superior company, in terms of customer services, […]

  • Case Study
    HRM: Theories and Applications in British Airways

    Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine the HRM functions and how leaders of company to actually use the theories for application and practice. HRM functions not only to assist decision making of senior managers but also as a tool to encourage employee participation and linking it to performance improvements and achieving company […]

  • Case Study
    Marketing Management for British Airways

    Executive Summary This paper discusses marketing management by British Airways (BA). Firstly we discuss what is market segmentation and British Airways methods to identify its target market, positioning and segmentation approaches. We would then define brand, discuss branding strategies and BA’s brand imagery and positioning in the market. Lastly we discuss “what is”, the use […]

  • Case Study
    Strategies and Key Success Factors of Toyota

    Executive Summary In this article, the principal operating task and strategies of Toyota will be defined and discussed. Firstly, the various operational objectives for the company will be outlined, and then the various order winning and order qualifying criteria for Toyota is discussed. After that, the operational strategies used by Toyota will be presented. Specifically, […]

  • Case Study
    Strategic Management in Honda

    Introduction Strategy can be a controversial word, and the theories in strategic management can be misleading and not reflective of the real practical world in the competitive business environment. To different people, strategy carried different meanings, and to them, their own version of strategic management process and ideas are often assumed to be the best […]

  • Case Study
    A Strategic Analysis for Mercedes-Benz

    Introduction In this article, a comprehensive company research will be performed for the Mercedes-Benz company. The article is arranged as follow. Firstly, the background of the Mercedes-Benz will be introduced. Then, relevant theoretical framework to analyze the company’s macroenvironment situation will be performed. Later, the automotive industry nature will be investigated. The article will then […]