• Case Study
    A Strategic Analysis on Walt Disney

    Introduction In this article, a comprehensive analysis on Walt Disney will be performed. The area of analysis will cover how Disney is competing to gain market share globally. In this assignment, various issues regarding corporate strategies at Walt Disney are discussed. In the following sections, there are three main analysis in this context are discussed. […]

  • Case Study
    Managing Change in Corus Steel Products

    Executive Summary This paper provides the outlook on how important is change to an organization. How an organization with long history of establishment reacts to complacency and resistance to change from its human capital, the methods and ways to overcome the resistance through continuous support from the management. This paper also presents the importance of […]

  • Case Study
    HRM – Theories and Issues: A Case Study in British Airways

    INTRODUCTION Nowadays Human Resource Management (HRM) plays a big role in organization. Company realizes that only by putting the right person in the right position on a right time can bring significant positive benefits to the entire organization. Thus, the methods on developing human capital and to use it became a profound problem, as it […]

  • Case Study
    Comparative Analysis of Marketing Communication Strategies and Mix for Athletic Shoe Brands in the UK: Adidas vs. Nike.

    Introduction In the recent competitive and turbulent business environment, having a product, perhaps a high quality product is no longer sufficient to achieve significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. Corporation are entering a stage of fierce competition whereby the competition extend beyond the context of quality and attractive  products, but also on how the corporations […]

  • Case Study
    HRM Issues and The Solutions: A Case Study in Public Bank in China

    Introduction In this writing, the human resources management practices, polices as well as strategies for Public Bank will be analyzed and investigated. For this purpose, three areas of human resources management will be discussed, namely: (a) HRM planning and implementation, (b) performance evaluation and reward system, and lastly (c) strategic human resources management (SHRM). Public […]

  • Case Study
    Strategy Concepts and Applications: Nestle

    Introduction In this assignment, various issues regarding corporate strategies at Nestle are discussed. In the following sections, four main areas in this context are discussed. Firstly, the cross business strategies within Nestle are discussed. Secondly, a brief discussion on corporate growth strategies and directions of Nestle is presented. Besides, how Nestle utilize several corporate management […]

  • Case Study
    A Strategic Marketing Audit for Barclays Plc

    Introduction Barclays plc is an international-famous British-based financial services firm with 300 years of history and expertise in banking. The company provides a variety of services ranging from personal banking, corporate and business banking, investment banking and wealth management. The firm’s operations can be found across fifty countries across Europe, US, and Africa and Asia […]

  • Case Study
    Supply Chain Management, Key Success Factors and Performance of Walmart in China

    Introduction In this writing, the popular topic of supply chain management is discussed. Wal-Mart is used as a case study for this purpose. The company is chosen primarily because the company’s successes in the United States are astounding. The various innovation and new philosophies adopted by the company’s supply chain management in US are researched […]

  • Case Study
    Crafting of a Media and Communication Strategy for iPad

    Introduction iPad is the new innovation from Apple – an exciting and possibly trend setting product in the next few years. Since the launch of the product, the market feedbacks have been good and the sales is increasing. This article will investigate the internet advertising of the product in its website. The observed advertising and […]

  • Case Study
    An Analysis of the Consumer Behaviours

    Introduction This report is presented to investigate the buyer behaviors for PSYCHE. The report is presented as follow. Firstly, the external environment factors facing the firm are analyzed. Two popular theoretical frameworks are used for this purpose. Both PESTEL and SWOT analysis are performed to understand the various external factors can threaten or offer opportunities […]

  • Case Study
    Strategic Management Case Study: Claire’s Stores

    A.    INTRODUCTION The report is presenting as follow. In the first part, the current challenges as well as the key changes in the general business environment and the industry landscape that affect CLE’s operations will be discussed. Later, the discussion will shift from the macro-environmental analysis to the micro-environmental or firm-specific analysis. In the last […]

  • Case Study
    Understanding STP and Marketing Mix: The Case of NIVEA as an Example

    A.    INTRODUCTION The increasingly competitive business environment is due to the tremendous increase of organizations is pressing businesses to rethink its marketing philosophy, in order to stand out from the crowded and information overload global environment. Many marketing concepts and philosophies are suggested, by theoreticians, academicians, practitioners and consultants. In this writing, the most basic […]

  • Case Study
    Application of 7Ps: A Case Study on Fiat

    1.0       Introduction In order to achieve your marketing objectives you need to have a strategy that includes different elements – the various parts of the marketing mix. Calling it a mix reminds you to try and get the balance right between the different elements. It is easy to assume that one part of the mix […]

  • Case Study
    Change Management in Ermenegildo Zegna

      Introduction This paper present a successful change management programs recently completed in Ermenegildo Zegna (“Zegna”). Some of the issues discussed include the following: Change factors and driver analysis The used change models Design of new interaction structure Active changing strategies (i.e., operational changing strategies) Applied specific strategies (i.e., lessons learned from the case study) […]

  • Case Study
    Comparative strategic analysis in the mobile phone industry: Apple Versus Samsung

    Abstract This is a comparative strategic analysis on two of the leading giants in the mobile smart phone industry, namely: Apple versus Samsung. The comparative strategic analysis was conducted through these tools: (i) Resource-Based View (RBV), (ii) Porter’s Generic Strategic framework (i.e., strategic positioning), (iii) Blue Ocean Strategy, (iv) McKinsey 7s framework, and (v) Value […]

  • Case Study
    Porter Five Forces Analysis on Apple Inc.

    1.0   Introduction This report will analyse about the future prospect of Apple Inc. (“Apple”), so to arrive at a conclusion if to invest in the company. For that, these issues will be investigated: nature of Apple and the industry, performance of the company, and the competitive pressures. 2.0   Nature of Company and Industry Apple is […]

  • Case Study
    A Marketing Audit and Communication Plan for Lego Corporation

    1.0   Introduction Lego, which name derived from the Danish words “leg godt” (i.e., means ‘play well’) (Brown-Humes, 2004; Carter, 2003), is the toy company originated from Denmark that allows children, and others, to develop their creativity, imagination and curiosity through ‘bricks’ (Allagui, 2008). Upon the company disastrous financially losing year in 2003 (Brown-Humes, 2004), the […]

  • Case Study
    Going International: A Case Study on Outback Steakhouse

    Should Outback Steakhouse expand internationally, or would it be better to expand through starting new restaurant chains within the USA? Critically discuss.   There are both pros and cons if Outback Steakhouse should expand domestically or to expand internationally. Anyway, on a critical review of the various factors, it would be rational to argue that […]

  • Case Study
    A Branding and Marketing Plan for River Island

    1.0   Introduction The retail brand chosen in this report is River Island, of which the new sub-brand, specifically tailored to target the ‘plus size range’ market named “Golden Island”. Part I of this report discusses about the sub-brand idea, the rationale for brand extension, and the fashion industry. Part II is a comprehensive marketing plan […]

  • Case Study
    A Strategic Analysis on Samsung

    Introduction The company selected for analysis is Samsung, with the focus specifically on Samsung Electronics – the most substantial strategic business unit for the group. The time period included in analysis in this report will be from 2002 towards 2014. This is because that is the time that Samsung slowly emerge as the key global […]