• Case Study
    Strategic HRM in ASDA

      Introduction Based on the case study on ASDA, this report was separated into two main parts. In the first part (i.e., Part I), the focus is about a critical evaluation on the extent to which training and development is effective in helping Asda’s staff retention. Then, in the second part (Part II), the report […]

  • Case Study
    Critical Evaluation on the Risk Management and Project Governance of the BBC’s DMI Project

    1.0   Executive Summary Projects are subjected to high degree of uncertainties as they are often one-off, demand change and temporary (Maylor 2010; Larson & Gray, 2011; Pinto, 2013). This actually contributed to high project failure rates (Hung, 2012; Elahi, 2013). Drawing on project management’s academic theories, the case of Digital Media Initiative will be analysed. […]

  • Case Study
    Critical Evaluation of the Risk Management and Stakeholder Management Approaches of BBC’s DMI Project

          Executive Summary This is report investigating about the Digital Media Initiative (DMI) project pursued by BBC, of which eventually failed due to several issues. Two main areas examined under this report, include: risk management and stakeholder management. Through the application of theory on these two areas, the DMI project can be examined […]

  • Case Study
    RBV and VRIO: A Case Study on Zara

    Introduction Under the perspective of resource based view, a firm competency and resources are what enable a firm to gain competitive advantage. This perspective is particularly useful in analysing Zara, a fashion retailer – on how the firm achieve competitive advantage in the fashion industry. To perform the analysis, the VRIO framework will be used. […]

  • Case Study
    Analysis on the Fashion Industry and Implications for Zara

    Introduction Industry structure is crucial factor that can affect the profitability of a company. In this case study on Zara, analysing how industry life cycle and associated industry structure can affect the competitive advantage of the company will be performed. Industry Life Cycle In theory, there are five phases of industry life cycle: development, introduction, […]

  • Case Study
    A Strategic Analysis and Comparison on Volkswagen versus Toyota

    Introduction This is the summary on analysis of European car industry, with later the focus of analysis concentrate on the strategy employed by Volkswagen and Toyota to cope with such business environment. A critical analysis will also be provided to gauge if the two companies able to gain competitive advantage from such strategies. Analysis of […]

  • Case Study
    The Recruitment and Selection Process in ASDA

    Introduction This is an essay analysing about the strengths and weaknesses of the recruitment and selection processes of ASDA. With insights gained from academic literature, the strengths and weaknesses of the recruitment and selection processes of ASDA can be critically evaluated. Recruitment Process in ASDA Literally, recruitment is about to attract and identify the potential […]

  • Case Study
    A Strategic Management Analysis on Apple Computer

    1.0   Introduction This is a report analysing the strategic management process and details in Apple Computer. Apple Computer is selected because it is one of the respectable firms, that turnaround from a near bankruptcy position, due to the successful transformation of the company by Steve Jobs (Cusumano, 2010; Elkind, 2008; Kirkpatrick, 2008; Finkle & Mallin, 2010). In […]