• Economics and Finance
    Issues Faced during Estimating Demand

    What problems are encountered in attempting to estimate demand? Carefully reference data and sources used and show clearly any calculations made.   Several reasons may cause that the efforts to estimate demand highly challenging. In this part, the challenge in estimating demand will be separated into two categories, namely, (a) problems faced in estimating current […]

  • Economics and Finance
    A Literature Review on Relationships between Stock Returns and Macroeconomic Indicators

    Introduction Background In the past 50 years, we have witnessed the rise of neoclassical finance with the beginning of the simple notion that risk must be incorporated into investment decisions, diversification is essential for successful investing, and the markets are hard to beat (Bernstein, 2007). Starting from 1960s, the Harry Markowitz’s idea on maximizing risk-return […]

  • Economics and Finance
    Compare and contrast the long-run equilibrium positions which prevail in a pure monopoly and perfectly competitive industry.

    Introduction There are different types of market structures in the business world. It is said that most of the market structure in the world is similar to that of monopolistic competition. Another two different market structure from the extreme include: monopoly and perfect competition market structure. In this article, the long run equilibrium positions that […]

  • Economics and Finance
    Unemployment: Causes and Proposed Solutions

    Investigate the causes of unemployment and discuss approaches to combat unemployment using the UK as an example. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches in terms of their impacts on other macroeconomics issues.   Introduction Today, the economy outlook in developed countries remains sluggish, turbulent and weak, despites some sign of slow recovery. Unemployment […]

  • Business Ethics
    Sovereign Debt Crisis and Rating Agencies

    Background Many parties are responsible for the creation of financial crises around the world in 2007, which in turn causing sovereign debt crisis in Euro zone. For example, prior to the financial crises, regulators in US are actively encouraging financial innovations, such as interest-only mortgages, negative amortization loans, option adjustable mortgages to the derivatives derived […]

  • Case Study
    Business Strategy and Financial Analyisis: Southwest Airline

    Executive Summary In this paper, strategic analysis and an evaluation of Southwest Airline’s recent financial performance will be presented. Firstly, the paper undertakes a macroenvironment analysis for the company. PESTEL framework is employed. Then the paper continues to analyze the competitive forces in the airline industry. For this, Porter’s 5 Forces framework is used. Next, […]

  • Accounting
    Financial and Management Accounting for Performance Measurement

    There are limitations, but financial and management accounting perform a fundamental role in the measurement of performance within an organization. Critically evaluate this statement.   Introduction Both financial and management accounting are useful and essential management concepts and tools in the modern business management world. Both of them play different and important roles in any […]

  • Contemporary and General Managerial Issues
    The Role of NGOs in the Reformulation of the Structures of Decision-Making and Management in Urban Development

    Defining NGOs Generally, there is no fixed definition of NGOs, as different researchers from different background or different field of studies may adopt different definition of NGOs in their discussion. However, it is widely assumed that NGOs are often considered as the group of individuals, institutions or association of some kind, which come together around […]

  • Accounting
    Financial Analysis for Tesco

    Introduction to Tesco Tesco is a famous retailing company with headquarter located in the United Kingdom. The company has various operations around the world, namely, in the United Kingdom, United States Central Europe, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and recently, venturing into India. Tesco is a superior company, in terms of customer services, […]

  • Economics and Finance
    A Evaluation of the Contributions, Impacts and Success of NAFTA

    Introduction – NAFTA In today competitive business environment, economic integration is a widely adopted approach to form closer businesses collaboration between several parties for mutual benefits. The main objective of such economic integration is to form both political and economic agreements among the different parties or countries that provide preferences or privilege benefits to the […]

  • Economics and Finance
    Similarities between US and UK economies

    Introduction Both United Kingdom (UK) and United States (US) have several similarities in terms of culture, economy and lifestyle. In this article, the extent to which the US and UK economies have become more similar over the past thirty years are discussed. The article is arranged as follow. Firstly, the concepts of market economy are […]

  • Accounting
    A Financial Analysis on Microchips PLC

    Introduction Microchips PLC is a public listed company on the stock exchange. The company is involved in manufacturing of electronic components for sale to the audio and visual industry. The company serves as the OEM for some of the famous consumer electronics brand, such as Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and etc. In this writing, a detail […]

  • Economics and Finance

    Background of the Story Perhaps the onset of currency war started when the US government decided to print more money to stimulate its economy – a situation more often referred as seigniorage. Seigniorage is the term used to refer to the situation where a particular government makes profit through the increase of money supply in […]

  • Economics and Finance
    The Global Financial Crisis – The Case for UK

      Introduction The global financial crisis from 2008 to 2009 recently is a serious financial meltdown causing the Great Recession around the world – and its impacts are particularly negatively felt by the developed countries in the West. In this report, the various challenges due to the financial crisis will faced by the UK government […]

  • Economics and Finance
    Rationales for Mergers and Takeovers

    Mergers and takeovers are both frequently used method to expand a company or to carry out intended corporate restructuring activities. There are many rationales for corporate restructuring activates to be executed. However, among these rationales, controversial and contradicting debates are abundant on which the reasons provided for mergers and acquisitions are grounded (Bogan & Just, […]

  • Accounting
    The Nature and Roles of Financial Management

    Generally, business activities can be categorized into several functional departments such as marketing operation, finance, human resources and information technology. Each of the functional department plays an important role in making the organization a successful and sustainable one. It is very important to realize that without the mutually supportive coordination between each of these functional […]

  • Accounting
    Why Adoption of Balance Scorecard can be Beneficial?

    There are various advantages from the adoption of Balance Scorecard methodology, as indicated by the popularity of the method and the large amounts of US Corporations as well as the government departments are trying to embrace Balance Scorecard approach to improve performance. First of all, the traditional methods of analyzing and improving company performance with […]