• Human Resources Management
    Devolution of HR Activity to Line Managers

    There is an increase in the devolution of HR activity to line managers. What challenges do faced by both line managers and the HR function and how can organizations overcome them? In the ever challenging new business environment, practitioners as well as academicians have been discovering that relying on HR department to manage people in […]

  • Human Resources Management
    Transferring of Tesco’s HRM Practices to Vietnam

    Introduction Consistent with the ear of globalization, the world is getting smaller, and yet the market size is getting bigger. Multinational companies are now busy expanding to untapped foreign market for better growth and higher profitability. In this expansion process, one of the crucial elements that cannot be ignored is about the management of human […]

  • Human Resources Management
    Role of Human Resource Management in Adding Value to Businesses

    Introduction Human resource management is an important topic in business management, as people is the key assets of an organization that contribute and determine the success or failure of an organization in the ever challenging and competitive marketplace today. In most of the outstanding organization today, the key reasons for the high performance are often […]

  • Human Resources Management
    The Concept of “Survivor Syndrome”

    What is meant by the concept of “survivor syndrome”? To what extent, and in what ways, can managers reduce the problems of survivor syndrome during and after redundancies?   Survivor syndrome is a phenomenon happen when a company is undergoing retrenchment exercise in the organization, cutting down or dismissing part of the workforce, causing uneasy […]

  • Human Resources Management
    Flexible Work Model

    In what way do you think the flexible work model benefits employers during times of economic growth AND downturn?   There are many benefits can be enjoyed by employers through a design of flexible organization, be it during an economic downturn or growth time period. In the times of economic growth, flexible organization can enhance […]

  • Business Ethics
    Handling Disciplinary Matters in Organisation

    What are the main issues that manager need to take into account when handling disciplinary matters in an organization?   In implementing disciplinary issues in organization, there are several issues must be aware by manager. Firstly, manager must understand the objectives of disciplinary issues. When understandings of the disciplinary issues are achieved, then manger will […]

  • Business Ethics
    Arguments for Equality and Diversity

    What are the main arguments for equality and diversity?  If one is trying to achieve both at the same time, what challenges does this present?   The main arguments for equality are to treat employees fairly. In fact, it is said that it is common sense and basic requirement of an effective manager to act […]

  • Human Resources Management
    Conceptual image: Man and woman are shaking hands after a business deal.
    Critically assess the main implications of globalisation for HRM

    The first implication of globalization to HRM is the need to manage workers across borders. Employees working across border must be equipped with more knowledge, better attitudes, open-mindset and the HR managers should train the employees so that they have these knowledge and competent to work across borders, under different cultural settings and different working […]

  • Human Resources Management
    Human Resource Development: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Introduction Human resource development has been an important function of human resources management in an organization. In the increasingly knowledge based economy, the development of human resources is vital to the success and effectiveness of an organization (Schuler et. al., 1987). Much benefits can be reap through proper human resources development programs, while improperly implemented […]

  • Human Resources Management
    Managing Gen Y

    Introduction In the last decades, a new batch of young workforce just joined the corporate world. These group of young workforce are called Gen-Y, and is also frequently known as “Gen-Why”, “Internet Generation”, “i-Pod Generation”, “Gen-Next”, “Baby Boomlets”, “Gen-Now”, “Boomerang Generation”, and the “Echo Boomers” (Carlson, 2010). In the new economy, Gen-Yers is not a […]

  • Human Resources Management
    Employee Recruitment, Development and Retention

    Introduction In today competitive business environment, the battle to retain and develop talented employees is becoming prevalent among the various aggressive organizations around the world. Especially under this knowledge economy, talents are becoming more critical and essential to the success of an organization. Put it bluntly, human capital is what will make or break a […]

  • Human Resources Management
    Importance of HRM and Line Managers to Service Quality of the Hospitality Sector

    Executive Summary This paper presents discussion and critical evaluation on the roles of line manager or human resource management practices provides the important push to hospitality industry in delivering a high level of service quality. First part of the paper introduces what is HRM and line managers function in the industry. Followed which the importance […]

  • Case Study
    HRM: Theories and Applications in British Airways

    Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine the HRM functions and how leaders of company to actually use the theories for application and practice. HRM functions not only to assist decision making of senior managers but also as a tool to encourage employee participation and linking it to performance improvements and achieving company […]

  • Human Resources Management
    Training and Development for Employees

    Introduction In this writing, the training and development of human resources for Public Bank will be analyzed and investigated. Public Bank is chosen as the subject under studied because the author previously worked before in the bank subsidiaries in China. It is surprising that the bank has an excellent human resources management system – judging […]

  • Entrepreneurship
    An Analysis of Howard Schultz’s Leadership Style

    Introduction Starbuck is a company that place huge importance in its people. It is argued by the company that people are important for the company success, because it is people, but not products that enable Starbuck to attain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Such a competitive edge is not easy copied by the competitors, as […]

  • Case Study
    HRM – Theories and Issues: A Case Study in British Airways

    INTRODUCTION Nowadays Human Resource Management (HRM) plays a big role in organization. Company realizes that only by putting the right person in the right position on a right time can bring significant positive benefits to the entire organization. Thus, the methods on developing human capital and to use it became a profound problem, as it […]