• Contemporary and General Managerial Issues
    Development of the Internet and its Impacts on Business

    In the recent years, the developments of internet technologies are changing the world fast – from all of the following areas: political, social, economic and social-cultural context. Similarly, from the business management perspectives, the development and changes brought forward by the rapid advancement of Internet technologies are not something to be ignored. Indeed, it is […]

  • Case Study
    A Digital Marketing Plan for Psyche

    Introduction In the recent years, it is not had to see how the emergence of internet had changes the business landscape beyond recognition. After a few years since the popularization of the internet, the rules, the conventional wisdom or theories on how to compete effectively in the competitive marketplace has been changing fast (Edelman, 2010). […]

  • Managing Information System
    The Social Media on Mobile Platform

    Social media on a mobile platform is the pinnacle of excellence of new media. Discuss with examples the validity of this statement and how these technologies have changed the nature of design.   Introduction The rise of social media is a very recent phenomenon in the mass media industry. People are found to be more […]

  • Case Study
    Value Innovation in Apple Inc.

    PART I Explain what you understand by the “value innovation strategy”. How might this type of strategy be implemented at a firm level? What is the role of marketing activities in successful implementation of this type of strategy for innovation and growth? Defining Value Innovation Strategy As argued by Kim & Mauborgne (1999), the value […]

  • Contemporary and General Managerial Issues
    Managing Creativity and Innovation: Issues and Applications

    Introduction In the new economy, characterized by the information revolution, that ultimately will lead the world into knowledge based economy, business successes are increasingly dependent on the abilities of people to innovate and create new value proposition in the marketplace. Indeed, many researchers argued that innovation and creativity can lead to competitive advantage of a […]

  • Managing Information System
    Implementation of CRM in Organizations

    Introduction As the world enters the era of knowledge economy, it is found that companies are forced to move from a product-centric management philosophy to a customer-focused philosophy. Increasingly, companies are depending on delivering excellent customers services to achieve competitive advantages in the marketplace. This makes the concepts of customer relationship management (CRM) an increasingly […]

  • Managing Information System
    Shortcomings of Porter’s Approach in Contemporary Online Settings

    Porter’s approach to strategic analysis has been found to be seriously deficient for determining sustainable business advantage. From an IS management perspective, critically discuss the shortcomings of Porter’s approach and how it might be extended to guide firms operating in contemporary online settings.   Introduction In the past decade, it is evidenced that the rise […]

  • Case Study
    CRM Applications in Psyche

    Introduction In the last decade, it can be seen that many new contemporary e-business applications are changing the business landscape – by changing the rules and practices on how businesses compete in the global arena (Newell et. al., 2002). Such a trend is not something can be neglected by businesses, particularly those entrepreneurial, start-up or […]

  • Contemporary and General Managerial Issues
    The Role of Business Modeling within the Context of Information System Development, Integration and Evolution

    Introduction Business modeling is one of the frequently cited words in the literature of management sciences. Generally speaking, business model refers to the entire supply chain of a business, which includes the various components comprising a business entity, the various functional departments in a business as well as the generation of revenues or expenses in […]

  • Managing Information System
    The Development of a Virtual Brand Marketing Communication Campaign

    1.0   Introduction The proliferation of internet had given rise to new possibilities, due to the unique characteristics of digital media, on these aspects: interactivity; intelligence; individualisation; integration; industry restructuring; and independence of location (McDonald and Wilson, 1999). In other words, it is possible to deliver more personalised, accurate, relevant and yet timely services and messages […]

  • Accounting
    Cloud Computing Technologies for Accounting Purposes

    Background of the Study New Technologies Adoption: Impacts to Accounting Function within Organisation The availability of new technological invention or innovation often enabled business organisations to better organise its respective business model and structure, to carry out business activities differently and even to provide different services or products for the customers (Robertson, 2013; Yan, 2010). […]