• Marketing Management
    Growth and PESTLE Analysis for Virgin Group

    Introduction Virgin Group is a well known venture capital conglomerate leaded by Richard Branson that has been concentrating primarily in the travel, entertainment and lifestyle related industry. Today, the group has more than 300 subsidiaries companies worldwide. In this report, the analysis will be focus on Virgin Atlantic. This is because there are too many […]

  • Case Study
    Growth Strategies and PESTLE Analysis for ASDA

    Introduction ASDA is the fast rising retailers in UK. The report is divided into two parts. Firstly, this report will discuss the methods employed by ASDA for growth and expansion. The reasons of using both organic and acquisition for growth are outlined. Then, PESTLE analysis will be conducted to understand external factors affecting the business […]

  • Case Study
    A Marketing Research Report

    Executive Summary The competition within food and beverages industry is intense. Even cafeteria with strategic location may not attract sufficiently huge amount of traffic due to the competitive industry structure. In this research, the student cafeteria, namely cafeteria XYZ in the Brunel Business School is investigated. The study concentrates on the customer satisfaction and perceptions […]

  • Case Study
    Marketing Communication Mix: Apple versus Samsung

    Introduction Marketing communication mix is important in competitive business landscape, as the ability of any enterprise to communicate effectively and persuasively to the end users will ultimately affect the profitability and popularity of the products or services sold by that enterprise (Lazer, 1971). In this report, a comparative analysis on the marketing communication mix of […]

  • Entrepreneurship
    A Critique on Business Plan

    Perform critical assessment and evaluation on the Business Plan for Ancient China Hotel at the following link: http://businessessays.net/marketing-management/a-business-plan-for-ancient-china-hotel/   Abstract In this article, the relative strengths and weaknesses of the business proposal prepared will be outlined. Basically speaking, the strengths of the business proposal is that it is comprehensive, well structure, concise, parsimonious and indeed, […]

  • Entrepreneurship
    A Business Plan for Ancient China Hotel

    Executive Summary This is a wonderful business plan about setting up a state of the art, unique and innovative hotel services to people visiting to China. The project is named as the Ancient China Hotel as the hotel will not only serve as the providers of high quality accommodations for tourists, but also aim to […]

  • Case Study
    Management Tools, Applications and Methods: ANTA

    1.0 Introduction ANTA is a well-known sport equipments and apparels company in China. Indeed, it is a fast growing public listed company on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with respectable track records in the past five years. The company is the Chinese Olympic Committee Official Partners. The logo of the company is shown in Figure 1 […]

  • Entrepreneurship
    A Business Plan for Oriental Travel Agency

    Introduction This paper is the business plan for Oriental Travel Agency (OTA). OTA is an entrepreneurial start-up providing all sort of travelling services for people in UK to China. In this paper, the business plan will focus on the marketing aspects of OTA, considering that the report is supposed to be short and yet comprehensive. […]

  • Case Study
    A Digital Marketing Plan for Psyche

    Introduction In the recent years, it is not had to see how the emergence of internet had changes the business landscape beyond recognition. After a few years since the popularization of the internet, the rules, the conventional wisdom or theories on how to compete effectively in the competitive marketplace has been changing fast (Edelman, 2010). […]

  • Case Study
    Leadership and Management Issues facing Southwest Airlines

    Introduction Structure of the Report In this report, the several leadership and management issues facing Southwest Airlines in the near future will be discussed. To perform this, an external analysis on Southwest Airlines will firstly be performed. Under this section, PESTEL and Porter Five Forces Framework will be applied. After the external factors are analyzed, […]

  • Managing Information System
    Implementation of CRM in Organizations

    Introduction As the world enters the era of knowledge economy, it is found that companies are forced to move from a product-centric management philosophy to a customer-focused philosophy. Increasingly, companies are depending on delivering excellent customers services to achieve competitive advantages in the marketplace. This makes the concepts of customer relationship management (CRM) an increasingly […]

  • International Business
    Managing and Marketing in China

    When is the right time to enter Chinese market? Many strategists may wonder when it is the right time to enter China. However, such a view may be misleading, as to do business successfully in China, timing may not be the only issue to be considered. Other issues must also be taken care of. For […]

  • Case Study
    Marketing Mix of Tesco

    Introduction Tesco has been a high growth and well performing retailers around the globe. The successes of Tesco in UK and abroad have been drawing many academic and researchers attentions. The key success factors of Tesco are widely debated. One obvious and often quoted critical success factors of Tesco is the continuously expanding of range […]

  • Case Study
    Growth Strategies and PESTLE Analysis for Tesco

    Introduction Tesco is a highly successful company from UK, with branches and businesses in many other countries around the world. The company is also a respectable company by investors and analysts, as company is able to deliver consistent growth in dividend payment to shareholders for the 26th consecutive years in 2010, an unrivaled and remarkable […]

  • Case Study
    A Marketing Plan for Psyche

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This paper presents a marketing plan for Psyche. The marketing plan is formulated by firstly stating the vision of the company. Referring to the vision, the long term missions as well as the short term goals for achievement of that vision are identified. Later, comprehensive internal analysis of Psyche and external analysis on […]

  • Consumer Behaviours
    Influencing Consumer’s Behavior: the Changing Image of ‘Fast Food’

    Introduction Fast foods operators are affecting and changing the consumer behaviors around the world. This can be witnessed by the fast growing trend of fast food operators, particularly in those emerging countries (Gale, 2007). In this article, the marketing techniques used by these fast food operators will be discussed. The theories on consumer psychology and […]

  • Marketing Management
    A Strategic Marketing Plan for Psyche

    Introduction This writing will present a strategic marketing plan for Psyche. In the following marketing plan, a clear strategy, the rationale for the selection of marketing strategy and the specific strategic actions to be taken at both the strategic and tactical level will be presented. The writing will be structured in a logical sequence in […]

  • International Business
    A Assessment on the External International Business Environment facing Walmart

    Critically evaluate the impacts of global macroeconomic environment and international risks to the current external international business environment of Wal-Mart Introduction In the era of globalization, no business can avoid competition from abroad, nor it is a wise choice to choose not to compete with other companies from other countries. There are many opportunities abroad, […]