• Entrepreneurship

    Introduction In the complex and challenging business environment today, there is no many ways for a firm to growth fast except offering excellent services to build layers of loyal customers that would recommend the business to other friends and relatives through word-of-mouth. According to Reichheld (2003), there are empirical evidences showing that there is strong […]

  • Case Study
    Marketing Management for British Airways

    Executive Summary This paper discusses marketing management by British Airways (BA). Firstly we discuss what is market segmentation and British Airways methods to identify its target market, positioning and segmentation approaches. We would then define brand, discuss branding strategies and BA’s brand imagery and positioning in the market. Lastly we discuss “what is”, the use […]

  • Consumer Behaviours
    Contemporary Marketing and Consumer Behavior Issues: A Case of Adidas.

    Introduction In this assignment, we will look into contemporary issues in marketing and consumer behavior of Adidas. In the following sections, there are two main areas in this context are discussed. Firstly, the contemporary issues in marketing strategy of Adidas are discussed and then followed by a detailed discussion on the consumer behavior towards Adidas […]

  • Case Study
    A Strategic Analysis for Mercedes-Benz

    Introduction In this article, a comprehensive company research will be performed for the Mercedes-Benz company. The article is arranged as follow. Firstly, the background of the Mercedes-Benz will be introduced. Then, relevant theoretical framework to analyze the company’s macroenvironment situation will be performed. Later, the automotive industry nature will be investigated. The article will then […]

  • Case Study
    A Strategic Analysis on Walt Disney

    Introduction In this article, a comprehensive analysis on Walt Disney will be performed. The area of analysis will cover how Disney is competing to gain market share globally. In this assignment, various issues regarding corporate strategies at Walt Disney are discussed. In the following sections, there are three main analysis in this context are discussed. […]

  • Case Study
    Comparative Analysis of Marketing Communication Strategies and Mix for Athletic Shoe Brands in the UK: Adidas vs. Nike.

    Introduction In the recent competitive and turbulent business environment, having a product, perhaps a high quality product is no longer sufficient to achieve significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. Corporation are entering a stage of fierce competition whereby the competition extend beyond the context of quality and attractive  products, but also on how the corporations […]

  • Case Study
    A Strategic Marketing Audit for Barclays Plc

    Introduction Barclays plc is an international-famous British-based financial services firm with 300 years of history and expertise in banking. The company provides a variety of services ranging from personal banking, corporate and business banking, investment banking and wealth management. The firm’s operations can be found across fifty countries across Europe, US, and Africa and Asia […]

  • Case Study
    Crafting of a Media and Communication Strategy for iPad

    Introduction iPad is the new innovation from Apple – an exciting and possibly trend setting product in the next few years. Since the launch of the product, the market feedbacks have been good and the sales is increasing. This article will investigate the internet advertising of the product in its website. The observed advertising and […]

  • Case Study
    An Analysis of the Consumer Behaviours

    Introduction This report is presented to investigate the buyer behaviors for PSYCHE. The report is presented as follow. Firstly, the external environment factors facing the firm are analyzed. Two popular theoretical frameworks are used for this purpose. Both PESTEL and SWOT analysis are performed to understand the various external factors can threaten or offer opportunities […]

  • Marketing Management
    A Marketing Plan for Bentley

    Introduction Bentley is a famous luxury brand in the automobile market, where the car designed and manufactured are breathtaking, made for extreme speed and performance, and yet handcrafted with distinctive design for rich people. The car manufacturer is of world class top quality, but the volatile and gloomy economic outlook around the world is hurting […]

  • Case Study
    Understanding STP and Marketing Mix: The Case of NIVEA as an Example

    A.    INTRODUCTION The increasingly competitive business environment is due to the tremendous increase of organizations is pressing businesses to rethink its marketing philosophy, in order to stand out from the crowded and information overload global environment. Many marketing concepts and philosophies are suggested, by theoreticians, academicians, practitioners and consultants. In this writing, the most basic […]

  • Marketing Management
    Analytical Tools for Strategic and Competitive Analysis

    INTRODUCTION Nowadays, all business is operating within an ever-changing complex environment. To gain more profit and compete well among many of rivals, it is essential to understand and analyze the environment very well before establishing the business plan. Therefore, the analytical tool plays very important role in modern business competitive analysis. In this writing, we […]

  • Marketing Management
    A Critical Review of PESTLE, Porter Five Forces and SWOT Analysis Frameworks

    1.0    Introduction The ever-changing complex competitive business environment makes huge challenges for the organization and managers to pay much more attention on their business strategic plan. Therefore, they must have essential analytical tools of different levels to help and identify what factors will affect the environment, which kinds of elements impact on the competition and […]

  • Case Study
    Application of 7Ps: A Case Study on Fiat

    1.0       Introduction In order to achieve your marketing objectives you need to have a strategy that includes different elements – the various parts of the marketing mix. Calling it a mix reminds you to try and get the balance right between the different elements. It is easy to assume that one part of the mix […]

  • Marketing Management
    The 7Ps of Marketing and Its Applications in Banks

    Introduction The easiest way to understand the main aspects of marketing is through its more famous synonym of “4Ps of Marketing”. The classification of four Ps of marketing was first introduced and suggested by McCarthy (1960), and includes marketing strategies of product, price, placement and promotion.   The 7 P of Marketing The easiest way […]

  • Marketing Management
    The 7Ps of Marketing Mix: A Case Study on NIVEA

    Introduction   What is it? The Marketing Mix is a term used to describe the combination of tactics used by a business to achieve its objectives by marketing its products or services effectively to a particular target customer group. It is also referred to as the .4 Ps; Product, Price, Promotion and Place, or the […]

  • Case Study
    Comparative strategic analysis in the mobile phone industry: Apple Versus Samsung

    Abstract This is a comparative strategic analysis on two of the leading giants in the mobile smart phone industry, namely: Apple versus Samsung. The comparative strategic analysis was conducted through these tools: (i) Resource-Based View (RBV), (ii) Porter’s Generic Strategic framework (i.e., strategic positioning), (iii) Blue Ocean Strategy, (iv) McKinsey 7s framework, and (v) Value […]

  • Consumer Behaviours
    Relationships between Marketing Mix Dimensions and Consumer Purchase Behaviours

      1.       Defining the Concept of Marketing Mix The concept of marketing mix is perhaps one of the most dominating marketing paradigm of today, within business schools (Gronroos, 1994), and that is not without reasons. Before discuss about the usefulness and practicality of the marketing mix framework, the concepts on marketing mix will be discussed. […]

  • Managing Information System
    The Development of a Virtual Brand Marketing Communication Campaign

    1.0   Introduction The proliferation of internet had given rise to new possibilities, due to the unique characteristics of digital media, on these aspects: interactivity; intelligence; individualisation; integration; industry restructuring; and independence of location (McDonald and Wilson, 1999). In other words, it is possible to deliver more personalised, accurate, relevant and yet timely services and messages […]