• Change Management
    Roles and Impacts of Strategic Supply Chain Management

    Executive Summary In this article, the many concepts and management philosophies about strategic supply chain management will be applied towards an automotive company from Malaysia, namely, Proton Holdings Bhd (“Proton”). The applications of supply chain management is particularly relevant for the company because as a manufacturing companies, the government-related automotive company is facing a higher […]

  • Case Study
    Crisis Management: A Case Study on Toyota Recall Crisis

    Provide a critical analysis of a crises event utilizing appropriate crises management theory and frameworks. You may wish to examine the event from different stakeholder perspectives, organizational learning, culture, system, crises typologies and/ or using models such as the 7Cs, DEPOSE and so on.   Introduction In this article, a critical analysis will be performed […]

  • Case Study
    Leadership and Management Issues facing Southwest Airlines

    Introduction Structure of the Report In this report, the several leadership and management issues facing Southwest Airlines in the near future will be discussed. To perform this, an external analysis on Southwest Airlines will firstly be performed. Under this section, PESTEL and Porter Five Forces Framework will be applied. After the external factors are analyzed, […]

  • Contemporary and General Managerial Issues
    Managing Creativity and Innovation: Issues and Applications

    Introduction In the new economy, characterized by the information revolution, that ultimately will lead the world into knowledge based economy, business successes are increasingly dependent on the abilities of people to innovate and create new value proposition in the marketplace. Indeed, many researchers argued that innovation and creativity can lead to competitive advantage of a […]

  • Economics and Finance
    Issues Faced during Estimating Demand

    What problems are encountered in attempting to estimate demand? Carefully reference data and sources used and show clearly any calculations made.   Several reasons may cause that the efforts to estimate demand highly challenging. In this part, the challenge in estimating demand will be separated into two categories, namely, (a) problems faced in estimating current […]

  • Operation Management
    An Essay on Business Operation Planning

    Introduction In this paper, several issues on business operation planning will be discussed. Firstly, some general concepts about business operation planning will be discussed. Then, both external and internal factors (including technological and environmental factors) that will affect the business operation plan will be investigated. Next, the importance of good operation plan to the success […]

  • Operation Management
    A Reflection on Lessons from Operation Management Module

    How the Module Contributed to an Understanding of Business Operations? Going through the module has greatly enhanced my understanding on operations management. My understanding on several areas as listed below has improved significantly.             A general view on what is operation management. Going through the model provide me a comprehensive understanding on knowledge related to […]

  • Operation Management
    Embrace of Sustainable Principles in Operation Management

    Introduction Exercising sustainability philosophy in managing businesses is not just the responsibilities of corporations, but it also offer tremendous opportunities to corporations to  meet new consumers’ demand, reduction of costs, enhance employee morale, and ultimately in increasing customer satisfaction and retention that would in turn enhance profitability of the corporate (Cartwright & Craig, 2006). Thus, […]

  • Case Study
    Strategies and Key Success Factors of Toyota

    Executive Summary In this article, the principal operating task and strategies of Toyota will be defined and discussed. Firstly, the various operational objectives for the company will be outlined, and then the various order winning and order qualifying criteria for Toyota is discussed. After that, the operational strategies used by Toyota will be presented. Specifically, […]

  • Operation Management
    Quality Control (QC) versus Quality Assurance (QA)

    Philip Crosby is an American who promoted the phrases “right first time”. The right first time is a quality management concept that defect prevention is more advantageous and cost effective than defect detection and associated rework. The reason such a concept is popularized by Crosby is because he believes management should take prime responsibility for […]

  • Operation Management
    Lean Production System: Theories and Applications

    Introduction In the recent decades, it is witnessed that the business environment is becoming more and more competitive. This is particularly true in China, where the various multinational firms are competing to gain market share in the fastest growing emerging country in the world. The local companies in China are facing huge and tremendous pressure […]

  • Operation Management
    Transformation Process and the Five Performance Objectives of Operation Management: A Case Study on Coffee Manufacturers

    Introduction In the competitive business environment, operations strategies as well as the overall business strategies for a particularly firm must be mutually supportive and internally consistent should the company want to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace (Chase et. al., 2005). However, operations strategy or strategy by itself is a complex subject in which researchers […]

  • Operation Management
    Order Winning Versus Order Qualifying

    1. Introduction According to Professor Terry Hill at London Business School, the design and structure of operations and marketing department in a firm should be mutually supportive and internally consistent. The interaction and the cooperation between operations and marketing functions are critically for any firm to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace. From this paradigm, […]

  • Accounting
    What is Lean Accounting?

      Introduction: Issues with Traditional Accounting Today, more and more organizations come to realize that traditional accounting systems are actively anti-lean. Specifically, the traditional accounting system and practices are often large, complex, wasteful processes requiring huge amounts of non-value work. They provide measurements and reports like labor efficiency and overhead absorption that motivate large batch […]

  • Case Study
    Supply Chain Management, Key Success Factors and Performance of Walmart in China

    Introduction In this writing, the popular topic of supply chain management is discussed. Wal-Mart is used as a case study for this purpose. The company is chosen primarily because the company’s successes in the United States are astounding. The various innovation and new philosophies adopted by the company’s supply chain management in US are researched […]