• Reflective Writing
    A Management Self-Development Plan

    In this essay, the management self-development plan will be presented. The management self development plan is of many practical values. For example, by having a plan, we can force ourselves to follow the plan. Without plan, it is impossible for someone to work according to the plan in a systematic manner. Besides, plan offer us […]

  • International Business
    The Role of Power in Cross Cultural Interactions

    Although diversity can be a good thing, in many part of the world, diversity is not perceived as something beneficial (Lasserre, 2003). Instead, certain people may get worried and uncomfortable when the people around him are very different to him. In order to make himself feel comfortable, he may engage in acts to suppress the […]

  • International Business
    A Reflection on Cross Cultural Interaction

    Applications of Cross Cultural Theory The cross cultural theories taught in the module are very good for students to understand how culture may differ among people around the world. It is very good to be remembered by the students, so that they can apply it in cross cultural communication or management. One of the very […]

  • International Business
    Reflection from Cross Cultural Module

    Part I In this section, the many cross cultural theory learned during the course will be applied to Peer Action Learning Sets (PALS). It can be seen that many of the theories taught in the module is very useful – not only useful for business management purposes but also for interaction with other people, primarily […]

  • Reflective Writing
    Personal Reflection and Development Plan

    Introduction In today competitive business environment, everyone is responsible for his self improvement, learning and professional development. Things are changing fast, and people can no longer rely on the knowledge taught in class or school for attainment of good living and career prospects in the later days. In fact, as the business environment had become […]

  • Reflective Writing
    A Personal Reflection

    Part I Self-Assessment on my Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes In going through the entire process of completing the module ‘enterprise management project’, I have found that I had improved a lot in the several areas. Self-awareness and self reflection skills. A lot of time in this module is about critically analyzing own self. Thus, I […]

  • Operation Management
    A Reflection on Lessons from Operation Management Module

    How the Module Contributed to an Understanding of Business Operations? Going through the module has greatly enhanced my understanding on operations management. My understanding on several areas as listed below has improved significantly.             A general view on what is operation management. Going through the model provide me a comprehensive understanding on knowledge related to […]