• Business Ethics
    Tourism and the Environment

    Twenty years after the Brundtland Report, environmental policy has to date had little influence upon the workings of the tourism market (Holden, 2009: 373). Is tourism fundamentally incompatible with the environment? Or will environmental ethics provide the solution that tourism policy has so far failed to answer? Introduction In the last few decades, it can […]

  • Tourism Management
    Place Marketing for Macao

    Introduction In the new economy, services related industry is becoming more important as the economy transform itself from the industrial era to the information era. Consistent with such a trend, coupled with the rise of globalization, people are increasingly used to the idea to travel abroad to expose themselves to the cultural differences and lifestyle […]

  • Entrepreneurship
    A Business Plan for Oriental Travel Agency

    Introduction This paper is the business plan for Oriental Travel Agency (OTA). OTA is an entrepreneurial start-up providing all sort of travelling services for people in UK to China. In this paper, the business plan will focus on the marketing aspects of OTA, considering that the report is supposed to be short and yet comprehensive. […]

  • Tourism Management
    Benefits of Ethno-Tourist Business

    A well-managed ethno-tourist business can be a rich source of benefits for all. Evaluate this claim from the perspectives of visitors, tribal communities, and tour companies. Consider at least two of the following areas: health, economies, culture, society and politics.   Introduction As the tourism industry is becoming more dynamic and competitive, tourism operators are […]

  • Tourism Management

    Introduction Today, tourism products are becoming more innovative, and had created several types of different tourism packages. In the recent years, ethno-tourism (also widely known as community-based eco-tourism) is becoming a trend around the world. In ethno-tourism, the focus and attraction is about getting in touch with an indigenous group of people as well as […]

  • Human Resources Management
    Importance of HRM and Line Managers to Service Quality of the Hospitality Sector

    Executive Summary This paper presents discussion and critical evaluation on the roles of line manager or human resource management practices provides the important push to hospitality industry in delivering a high level of service quality. First part of the paper introduces what is HRM and line managers function in the industry. Followed which the importance […]

  • Tourism Management
    A Brief Review of the Tourism Industry

    Executive Summary   This paper discusses tourism industry in relation to the economy. Main issues discussed are theories and concepts of macroeconomic, economic impacts of tourism, recession impact on tourism, and supply and demand in the industry.   We would then continue to further analyze tourism industry by looking at the airlines, British Airways mechanics […]

  • Tourism Management
    Relationships between Tourism, Hospitality and Events

    1.0¬†¬† Introduction This report will critically discuss about the relationships between tourism, hospitality and events. This report will be written as follow. First, the definition of tourism will be provided. Then, definition on hospitality will also be provided. Similarly, the definition of events on the context of tourism will also be provided. After understanding the […]

  • Tourism Management
    A Traveller’s Field Report on Penang

    Introduction This is a field work report on Penang, whereby the author visited several tourism attractions such as Kek Lok Si, Penang Hill, Sleeping Buddha, Burmese Temple, Cheong Fatt Tze, Goddess of Mercy, Chew Jetty, Penang Peranakan Mansion, Little India and Snake Temple in Penang. This report is written as follow. First of all, the […]

  • Marketing Management
    Key Success Factors: Marketing of a Tourism Destination

    Discuss the major factors which make a globally successful business tourism destination and apply these factors to a successful business tourism destination of your choice indicating any recommendations where improvements still need to be made.   In the recent decades, as in line with the globalisation process, it is witnessed that tourism related activities are […]

  • Tourism Management
    Global Trends in Tourism

    Introduction Tourism is a traditional and yet emerging industry in the recent years. The concept of tourism is nothing new, as the emergence of the concept can be easily traced back to history centuries ago. Today, a wide array of definition on tourism is available. For example, McIntosh, Goeldner and Ritchie (1995) define tourism as […]