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Research Proposal – Does the Recycled Packaging Influence the Consumers’ Choice?

Research Title

The research title chosen in this study is “does the recycled packaging influence the consumers’ choice?”

Research Objectives

The main purpose of this study is to understand how the usages of recycled packaging materials affect the consumers’ choices. Several aspects will be investigated. These aspects can be discussed through the research objectives outlined as follow.

  1. To understand the usages of recycled packaging materials to consumers’ perceptions on the company.
  2. To understand the usages of recycled packaging materials to consumers’ intention to purchase the company’s products.
  3. To understand the attitudes and feelings of consumers towards the usages of recycled packaging materials.
  4. To understand if the consumers do prefer the usages of recycled packaging materials for the products they intend to purchase.

Rationales of Research

In the new century, global warming is a serious issue affecting the survivability of human beings, and the root causes of global warming have been often associated with the irresponsible industrial and businesses entities that have been polluting the world for the sake of short term profit maximization, to the detriment of the environment. Thus, in the recent years, it can be seen that corporations are trying to change such negative images through adoption of environmentally friendly business practices. One of the business practices designed in consistent with the green movement is to use of recycled packaging materials. However, there are few researches, if any, study about the acceptability of the recycled packaging materials to the performance of a particular company. Thus, a research is necessary to be conducted to understand the ways the recycled packaging materials is affecting the consumers’ behaviors of their choices. By having greater understanding on the consumers’ decision making, in relation to the usage of recycled packaging materials, the impacts of such business practices to the consumers’ perceptions of the company can be understood. If positive impacts can be found, then evidences can be found to urge companies to use recycled packaging materials, for their corporation performance, as well as for environmentally friendly business practices in the future.

Research Methodology

Quantitative research will be conducted. Such a research method will be used because it is objective. This means that the research findings will be less subjected to the subjective interpretation or personal biases of the researcher. Not only is that, it is also common that quantitative research is used to analyze the research nature of this kind.

In order to conduct such a research, Tesco will be used as a case study. In order to perform a valid comparison, three products packages with recycled materials will be identified, and another three products packaged with no-recycled materials will be identified. A 7 scale Likert questionnaires to understand the consumers choices on these products will be provided to the research participants shopping in Tesco. The questionnaires designed are as follow:

  1. Please rate your perceptions on the use of recycled packaging materials by product A. (1 = Great; 7 = Bad)
  2. For product A, how will the usage of recycled packaging materials affect your intention to purchase? (1 = Very positively; 7 = very negatively)
  3. Do you feel good about use of recycled packaging material for this product? (1 = Great; 7 = Bad)
  4. Do you actually prefer to buy product A that is packaged with recycled materials? (1 = Strongly prefer; 7 = Strongly hate it)

Time Frames

In this section, the time estimates to conduct the research will be outlined. Each of the interviews conducted will be approximately 10 minutes. As there are only a total of 24 questions to answer in each set of the research questionnaires, 10 minutes will be sufficient.  A total of 5 research participants will be identified every day. The research periods will take a total of 50 days. Thus, a total of 250 set of completed research questionnaires will be obtained. The answers from the research participants, for each of the questions will be tabulated into Excel and analyzed with SPSS. The relative scores of each of the question will enable us to judge if the use of recycled packaging materials affect positively on consumers’ choices. The schedule of the research will be presented in table below. It can be observed that the report can be completed in a period of 15 weeks.



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