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Ideas to Enhance Work Group Performance and Effectiveness

Working in a group is very different, and the process is not easy and challenging on the very first time, especially when some of the group member does not know each other very well. Nevertheless, there are some useful ideas which can be applied to enhance the performance or effectiveness of a group work.

We need a leader. Often, we need a leader because we cannot agree on each other point of view and we will engage in long debate. Although debate can be good, but it will spend us a lot of time. If we have a leader, of course the leader must be the most knowledgeable and experience in the group, then we can decide to what extend a discussion will end. Only by setting time constraints and limit to the debate, we can convert the ideas discussed into paperwork and output.

We need to tolerate each others. Not everyone is born alike. Thus, differences are the norm and we simply have to tolerate and understand each other. Only from this perspective, we can hope to work together in a better way. The effectiveness and efficiency of the work will increase tremendously when we all understand and try to listen to others opinions. We need to embrace some weaknesses of others.

In the end, the work done is more important than persuading others to follow your own view. If we keep insist that our own view is correct, and then we will keep arguing. The better way is to listen first to each other point of views, and then only to see how we are convinced by their viewpoints. Often, when we start to listen to others, people will also tend to listen to us in return. If this can be done, the work can be more meaningful and done fast.

Group effort can be synergistic, or a waste of efforts, depending on the leader’s people management skills. In group efforts, many obstacles can be expected. The only thing is we need to bring the people together. Each member may have their own strong points, and thus, the success of the group performance is highly depending on the leadership skills of the leader in the team. Of course, other member must also exercise their own follower role.

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