• Case Study
    Comparative strategic analysis in the mobile phone industry: Apple Versus Samsung

    Abstract This is a comparative strategic analysis on two of the leading giants in the mobile smart phone industry, namely: Apple versus Samsung. The comparative strategic analysis was conducted through these tools: (i) Resource-Based View (RBV), (ii) Porter’s Generic Strategic framework (i.e., strategic positioning), (iii) Blue Ocean Strategy, (iv) McKinsey 7s framework, and (v) Value […]

  • Consumer Behaviours
    Relationships between Marketing Mix Dimensions and Consumer Purchase Behaviours

      1.       Defining the Concept of Marketing Mix The concept of marketing mix is perhaps one of the most dominating marketing paradigm of today, within business schools (Gronroos, 1994), and that is not without reasons. Before discuss about the usefulness and practicality of the marketing mix framework, the concepts on marketing mix will be discussed. […]

  • Managing Information System
    The Development of a Virtual Brand Marketing Communication Campaign

    1.0   Introduction The proliferation of internet had given rise to new possibilities, due to the unique characteristics of digital media, on these aspects: interactivity; intelligence; individualisation; integration; industry restructuring; and independence of location (McDonald and Wilson, 1999). In other words, it is possible to deliver more personalised, accurate, relevant and yet timely services and messages […]

  • Marketing Management
    Key Success Factors: Marketing of a Tourism Destination

    Discuss the major factors which make a globally successful business tourism destination and apply these factors to a successful business tourism destination of your choice indicating any recommendations where improvements still need to be made.   In the recent decades, as in line with the globalisation process, it is witnessed that tourism related activities are […]

  • Entrepreneurship
    Sources of Fund for Entrepreneur

    1.0   Introduction This is a report on the various options of sources of fund relevant for TREE, the new business venture designed especially for customers to learn about the Chinese culture in UK. In this report, the varieties of sources of fund will be discussed, whereby the pros and cons of the different methods of […]

  • Case Study
    Porter Five Forces Analysis on Apple Inc.

    1.0   Introduction This report will analyse about the future prospect of Apple Inc. (“Apple”), so to arrive at a conclusion if to invest in the company. For that, these issues will be investigated: nature of Apple and the industry, performance of the company, and the competitive pressures. 2.0   Nature of Company and Industry Apple is […]

  • Case Study
    A Marketing Audit and Communication Plan for Lego Corporation

    1.0   Introduction Lego, which name derived from the Danish words “leg godt” (i.e., means ‘play well’) (Brown-Humes, 2004; Carter, 2003), is the toy company originated from Denmark that allows children, and others, to develop their creativity, imagination and curiosity through ‘bricks’ (Allagui, 2008). Upon the company disastrous financially losing year in 2003 (Brown-Humes, 2004), the […]

  • Case Study
    Going International: A Case Study on Outback Steakhouse

    Should Outback Steakhouse expand internationally, or would it be better to expand through starting new restaurant chains within the USA? Critically discuss.   There are both pros and cons if Outback Steakhouse should expand domestically or to expand internationally. Anyway, on a critical review of the various factors, it would be rational to argue that […]

  • Case Study
    A Branding and Marketing Plan for River Island

    1.0   Introduction The retail brand chosen in this report is River Island, of which the new sub-brand, specifically tailored to target the ‘plus size range’ market named “Golden Island”. Part I of this report discusses about the sub-brand idea, the rationale for brand extension, and the fashion industry. Part II is a comprehensive marketing plan […]

  • Case Study
    A Strategic Analysis on Samsung

    Introduction The company selected for analysis is Samsung, with the focus specifically on Samsung Electronics – the most substantial strategic business unit for the group. The time period included in analysis in this report will be from 2002 towards 2014. This is because that is the time that Samsung slowly emerge as the key global […]

  • Case Study
    Strategic HRM in ASDA

      Introduction Based on the case study on ASDA, this report was separated into two main parts. In the first part (i.e., Part I), the focus is about a critical evaluation on the extent to which training and development is effective in helping Asda’s staff retention. Then, in the second part (Part II), the report […]

  • Business Ethics
    Shareholder versus Stakeholder Management

    It is well acknowledged that a company should be managed to meet the needs of shareholders, as after all the shareholders are the provider of capital and hence, it is necessary to pay attention to how to earn the necessary returns for the capital provided by the shareholders. In such a perspective, the main objective […]

  • Case Study
    Critical Evaluation on the Risk Management and Project Governance of the BBC’s DMI Project

    1.0   Executive Summary Projects are subjected to high degree of uncertainties as they are often one-off, demand change and temporary (Maylor 2010; Larson & Gray, 2011; Pinto, 2013). This actually contributed to high project failure rates (Hung, 2012; Elahi, 2013). Drawing on project management’s academic theories, the case of Digital Media Initiative will be analysed. […]

  • Case Study
    Critical Evaluation of the Risk Management and Stakeholder Management Approaches of BBC’s DMI Project

          Executive Summary This is report investigating about the Digital Media Initiative (DMI) project pursued by BBC, of which eventually failed due to several issues. Two main areas examined under this report, include: risk management and stakeholder management. Through the application of theory on these two areas, the DMI project can be examined […]

  • Case Study
    RBV and VRIO: A Case Study on Zara

    Introduction Under the perspective of resource based view, a firm competency and resources are what enable a firm to gain competitive advantage. This perspective is particularly useful in analysing Zara, a fashion retailer – on how the firm achieve competitive advantage in the fashion industry. To perform the analysis, the VRIO framework will be used. […]

  • Case Study
    Analysis on the Fashion Industry and Implications for Zara

    Introduction Industry structure is crucial factor that can affect the profitability of a company. In this case study on Zara, analysing how industry life cycle and associated industry structure can affect the competitive advantage of the company will be performed. Industry Life Cycle In theory, there are five phases of industry life cycle: development, introduction, […]

  • Case Study
    A Strategic Analysis and Comparison on Volkswagen versus Toyota

    Introduction This is the summary on analysis of European car industry, with later the focus of analysis concentrate on the strategy employed by Volkswagen and Toyota to cope with such business environment. A critical analysis will also be provided to gauge if the two companies able to gain competitive advantage from such strategies. Analysis of […]

  • Human Resources Management
    A Comparison of People Management Approaches between Western and Eastern based Companies

    Introduction To manage people effectively is a complex endeavour. Indeed, there are many different best practices or approaches being employed by companies to manage people – and that differences can be particularly obvious when consider about how the Western and Eastern based companies manage the workforce. To investigate further into such differences, this report will […]