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A Management Self-Development Plan

In this essay, the management self-development plan will be presented. The management self development plan is of many practical values. For example, by having a plan, we can force ourselves to follow the plan. Without plan, it is impossible for someone to work according to the plan in a systematic manner. Besides, plan offer us the goals and directions on where we are heading. The plan will try to avoid us from possible distractions in daily lives, and keep us focus on the plan itself. It will also motivate us to move towards the missions outlined in the plan, if the plan is organized properly, and delivered hopes to people when people able to complete the many tiny steps in the plan gradually. In fact, it is true of the saying that, without plan, it is essentially a plan to fail. Overall, a plan will be the road map to success, and indeed is very important in to increase the likelihood of success in achieving the goals set in the plan.

Before the plan can be formulated, it is important for us to evaluation our personal skills first, to understand what situation are we currently in, before we can know where can we heading to in the near future. For this personal strengths and weaknesses will be discussed. Several tools or frameworks will be used for this purpose. These tools include: (a) ELLI, (b) the Skills Evaluation and Development Questionnaire, (c) the Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire, as well as the (d) Belbin Team Work On-line Questionnaire.

From the Skills Evaluation and Development Questionnaires, my score is ranging between 3 to 4 from a maximum score of 6 for most of the items. This means that I am still weak in the managerial skills required to become a successful manager or leader in workplace. From the analysis, I found that my communication skills ate the weakest, followed by my interpersonal skills. Thus, it is crucial for me to learn up on these areas fast, and to change my habits to become a better communicator. Nonetheless, I shall also improve on other areas where I score badly in the list. Overall, I have still many things to improve and learn.

In the Emotional Intelligence Questionnaires, I found that I am particularly weak in emotional related intelligence, as my scores for most of the items are ranging between 8-12 scores out of a maximum score of 20. This means I have to improve the many dimensions of emotional intelligence that I am weak at. Of this, I need to improve myself awareness as well as my social skills the most, as I score lowest in this two areas. Without improving these areas, it is hard for me to become an effective manager.

From the Belbin Team Work Questionnaires, it is found that I am a strong thinking type person. This is generally true, and it is consistent with the findings from other questionnaires as well. For example, it is found previously I am weak in interpersonal skills, and communications skills. This is possible as I tend to think more, but less able to speak well or communicate with others. It is harder for me to interact effectively with others, as I used to think deeply and analyze the situation more, rather be more able to respond fast to others. Thus, shall again, enhance my communication skills.

From all of the survey, it is very clear that there are three areas to be improved. These three areas will be included to my Personal Development Plan. To put it simply, the three objectives of my PDP are:

  1. Enhance my communication skills
  2. Enhance my interpersonal skills
  3. Become good in emotional intelligence


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