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Reflection: Lessons Learned from Report Writing & My Career Aspiration

Two main subjects or areas of discussions will be discussed in this essay. The first will be a brief reflective summary on what I had learned from researching, creating and writing this report. The second part will be dealing with my own future learning and careers aspirations. Thus, firstly, I shall discuss reflectively on the lessons that I had learned in the completion of this report. The many skills that I had learned include:

Report writing skills. In going through this assignment, I have been more able to express my words and ideas through writing, whereby this can be a hard work for me in the past. After practicing writing for the report, I am more able to put the many ideas into simple and easy to read structure. I am more able to handle Microsoft Word software as well. My typing speed has also improved. When I compare my work to my previous assignment, I found that I had improved a lot in the past few years.

Team work. As the assignment and the course arranged me to learn together with a team of peers, I am more able to work in a team after the process. I have gained invaluable experiences to work together with others. By working with others, I found that the process is not as easy as I expected. It can be challenging to unite the team and move the team towards accomplishment of goals or mission. It also takes a lot of experiences and patients and wisdom to listen carefully and attentively to others, and to see their points from their perspectives, and all these are not possible without practices. In fact, to work in a team also requires leadership skills. It is important to be good in human psychology, so that we can be more ready to persuade others, or to sense the problems faced by others even they never let us know that they are facing with some problems. In many instances, people simply never let us know what they are thinking, and we have to guess it or try to elicit the critical information from the conversation with them. All these require knowledge on human motivation, psychology and attitudes. Today, at least I started to see how to deal with all of these, and can engage in self improvement or development process to work to enhance my skills, and knowledge on these areas.

Communication skills. I have been learning a great deal on communication skills, particularly conversation in English language. In the past, to speak in English language can be very hard, but that is becoming easier for me after more exposure to communication in English with the peers. Besides, I had also improved a lot on my listening skills (i.e., communication skills include both speaking and listening skills). I am more able to understand the points of view of other people, and more able to control myself from speaking my ideas without listening to the ideas of other people in the first place. I can now more readily to catch the keywords intended to be communicated by the others, as well as more able to pay attention to the body language of other.

Researching skills. Doing research can be an important skills to complete this work. I am more able to find the relevant materials, particularly those academic books or peer reviewed journals from the library or the academic journals databases. I have learned the better way to start and complete a research, and can more smoothly plan the schedule for a research projects. Most importantly, I found myself more able to follow the plans or schedule in a discipline manner.

Speed reading skills. On key skills I pick up from the course is speed reading skills. In order to read and complete many of the work fast, I have been asked go through many materials as fast as possible, and yet required to remember the key contents of these materials. After certain times, I had built up my own habits of reading in a fast manner. For example, I will read the headers very fast from pages to pages, to understand the context. After that, I will jump to the correct paragraphs or section to understand what I need to understand. This able to build up my understandings on a subject very fast, and allow me to read through many of the materials.

Managerial skills. As the subject is about effective management and people skills, I have learned about many theories on people management. In fact, in many cases, I can attempt to put the theories into practices when working in a team, or through the leanings from peers via discussion or sharing of experiences. By writing this report, I had also organize my thought in a better way and understand more clearly on what is required to become effective manager.

Overall, the course is helpful to advance my knowledge, both practical and theoretical, about business management and contemporary business issues. Most importantly, it opened my awareness on what I am lacking or weak at. Besides, a Personal Self Development Plan is also drafted for me to improve myself further in the future.


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